STYLISH LOOK & PERFECT FOR GIFTING - By purchasing this product you will receive: 1 x 100ml stylish reed diffuser bottle filled with the scent of your choice decorated with a black satin bow, 7 black fibre reeds, 1 x thick and sturdy black tapered gift box, 1 x 100ml bottle with the ready-to-use refill oil (optional).

EASY TO USE - Remove the reed diffuser from the box. Unscrew the black lid, remove the clear protective cap and screw the black lid back. Place the required amount of fibre sticks into your diffuser bottle - the oil will then saturate into the reeds and as it wicks up it will release the aroma into the air. It might take a few days for the reeds to fully absorb the oil to carry the scent into the air. To intensify fragrance and for best results, we recommend flipping the reeds every so often.

VEGAN FRIENDLY, CRUELTY FREE - All of our ingredient suppliers confirm that their products are cruelty free, not tested on animals and contain no animal products.

CLP COMPLIANT - All of our products are compliant with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures; all of our products are labelled with scent name, warnings, instructions and allergen information.